About the Foundation

We believe end-of-life experiences are to be rich and full.  Our desire is to educate patients and their caregivers about end-of-life and hospice care so that as they embark on this journey, they are able to more comfortably deal with the pain, spiritual burdens, financial challenges, guilt and grief that commonly accompany death and dying.


Equally, we offer resources to healthcare professionals and community organizations to assist them in providing the highest level of service, as well as ensuring they have the confidence to discuss hospice care with their patients and caregivers at the appropriate time.


We refer to this as, ‘The Gift of Learning.’



Mission Statement

Dedication to Ultimate Life.




To increase awareness about end-of- life and hospice care through educational offerings.




To promote the awareness of end-of-life care and services through the granting of financial support for community education.



For More Information

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